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From Zoom to Zoombombing (How To Prevent)

One of those is the changes is how much more video conferencing has become relied on over the past few weeks. However like everything on the internet, if it becomes popular, there will always be people who will try and take advantage for no good.


Update: Xbox One S Digital Deal

Last weekend, we brought up a number of deals for the Xbox One S and One X. It seems the pricing on one of those deals is now even better. The Xbox One S 1TB All Digital Edition is now $15 cheaper then last weekend.



If you have purchased a laptop recently, you realize that most only come with 1, maybe 2 (if lucky) USB-C ports. If you have a need for regular USB, HDMI, or anything else, you need to purchase an adapter or in many cases adapters.  Today’s

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How To – Invisible On WhatsApp

Today’s post is by request. Visitor asked, “I want to go on WhatsApp but not let people know I’m on”.  So by request, here are the simple steps, so that you aren’t listed as ONLINE when you are using WhatsApp.


Breach Alert – MGM Resorts

For those who stayed on an MGM Resort property previously, you may be included what is known as a data dump. Personal details of over 10.6 million former guests have been exposed.