Tech Geek and More – Privacy Policy

Not only as Techs but as extreme power users, the privacy policy of sites is very important to Tech Geek and More(TGM). The following information is the Tech Geek and More (TGM) privacy policy updated as of 5/23/2018 and reviewed yearly. The policy will not change unless there is a specific reason to change it.

TGM does see and collect your IP (Internet address) if you enter a drawing, leave a message, or leave a response on any of the TGM web pages.  Additionally, if you choose to leave your name, email, or website, TGM will collect that information only for the purpose of replying to any messages.


Your information

At NO POINT (note that all caps to make sure you understand how serious this is) does TGM intend to sell or give away any of this information to anyone else (TGM does not like spam anymore than anyone else).  This information is used specifically for geographic, and tracking purposes on the TGM site.  The only information posted about you on TGM will be your name on a message or response posting (*Unless specific arrangements have been made between you the user and TGM ahead of time).

If you fill in your website information it will only be used for TGM information purposes (So that we can see your site if you have one, we always want to learn more) and the email information will only be used directly by TGM to contact you on a message/response, to ask additional information on any questions posted to the site (as needed), to notify you if you win a drawing, or to just say Thank you for visiting TGM. AT NO POINT, does TGM send random emails or solicitations of any kind. Again TGM does not like spam anymore than anyone else. If you wish to get notified of posting we have an RSS button on our home page that you can select.


If You Submit A Tech Question 

If you fill out the Ask TGM form with a tech question, suggestion, or recommendation, you agree that TGM may use the information provided as part of a future post without any expectation of compensation.


Concerning GDPR

For those in the EU, to satisfy GDPR rules (we hope/believe), if you wish for us to remove your name/email from our records, just email techgeekandmore(at) and we will be happy to remove your info.


Outside Links

TGM will post names of other sites and links on posts.  These sites and links are based on the best information either given to or known by TGM.  TGM does not control any privacy policy on any other site or content on any other site.  As always visiting TGM and all other sites on the internet should be done using your (the users) best common sense.


HOW To/Support/Fixes/Downloads

TGM offers as part of its site, “How-To”, “Support”, “Tech Fixes”, and “Downloads”.  All of this information is done on best effort and based on the most current information known to TGM.  All site visitors should use their own common sense before following any information based on their own specific information (Basically, we give generic information to help as many people as possible. However, we can NOT know every quark or variation of a one-off system or custom configuration, so please keep that in mine.) Please keep in mind that you use information, and downloads from TGM at your risk.

TGM also does not have downloads at other locations, other than on the direct links provided from the TGM page.  Please be aware that if another site, other than the direct links on the TGM pages, is promoting a download from TGM that we have not authorized it and can NOT control if it’s valid.



TGM may change any part of this depending on how the gravity of the earth happens, leap year, legal advice, or anything else that would cause us to have to change it.  This privacy policy was written by a non-lawyer, and in as simple English as possible.  If you have questions about anything in this privacy policy, please email TechGeekandMore (at) Gmail (dot) com.

Thank you for visiting Tech Geek and More