Tech Geek and More – About Alex

Welcome to Tech Geek and More

My name is Alex and I’m a Professional Geek and a Road Warrior. I have been directly involved in technology since the Mid 1990′s. At that time, AOL was the Internet (Gee I suddenly feel old).

In my career, I have managed systems at Major Hotels, handled implementation and installation of POS systems (That’s Point of sale, not Piece of …..) for a couple of Major POS makers, all over North America, and I have been responsible and managed computer systems at a couple of Major League Baseball Stadiums.

Not Academically Trained, I prefer to explain to people that I am a Geek with street smarts. I pride myself on being able to hold conversations with fellow geeks who are academically trained while at the same time being able to translate and explain geek into simple English or Spanish to a completely non-technical person.

The goal of Tech Geek and More is to make tech simple….