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Alert: FB / Workplace Chat May Be Having Issues (Updated)

You May Be Seeing Issues On FB or Workplace Chat

If you are trying to communicate on either Facebook Messenger or Workplace Chat things may not be working properly at this time. Here is what we know so far.

facebook icon


The issue with Facebook or Workplace Chat 

The issue appears to be an outage with the FB or Workplace Chat (which is the business version of FB), where users see No Internet or Connecting in their chat window.

Workplace Chat error


As of now, FB does not have any outage posted on its status page, however, if you look at the Down Detector status page, we do show issues currently with FB Messenger

FB Messenger outage down detector


Unfortunately not many more details as of yet.  Will post more if we get any.

UPDATE: 11:35a (NY USA Time) 

As of now, Facebook has not posted any status of an issue. However, if you look at Down Detector, they show more issues on FB properties, to include Facebook itself and Instagram.

FB Issues 2 25 2021

This info for FB 

Instagram Issues 2 25 2021

This info for Instagram 

FB Messenger issue 2 25 2021

Latest reports of issues for FB Messenger / Workplace Messenger 


Update: 2p (NY USA Time) 

Facebook has not explained the issues (that we could find anywhere), but as of 2p (EST) services seem to be back to normal.

FB messenger back up


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