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FB Changes Location of Most Recent Option

It is easy to complement Facebook over the recent redesign of the website, as it was long overdue and the new look is actually user-friendly. Everything was right where you need it.  That is until someone at FB figured out that the Most Recent option was probably a little too convenient. So if you are looking for the Most Recent Option, here is the 411.

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Facebook Changes Most Recent Location 

For some reason, FB believes that the algorithm they have is smarter than people and it knows what you want to see. They cant seem to understand that for most people, they want to see what is happening and being posted in timeline order. Let me see the newest stuff 1st and then work down.

From the redesign of the website until the past 24 hours (or so), the choice for Most Recent that let you put your news feed in chronological order was the 6th thing listed on the left side of the page. Easy to access and make the change as needed.

FB Screenshot 2020








However, now FB has decided to move Most Recent since if people don’t see it, they make not take the time to find it. However, if you want to find and use Most Recent, it is still there. Just now to find it you will need to click on See More at the left of your screen and then scroll down.  You will now find Most Recent listed 19th (between Town Hall and Jobs).

Most Recent FB

So the Most Recent choice is not gone, just more annoying to use.

Thanks Facebook.


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