Alert: Office 365 is reporting problems 7th Oct 2020

Quick alert, if you are having issues with Office 365 or Exchange, Sharepoint, Onedrive Online its not you, it Microsoft’s fault.  Many reports started a few minutes ago (just before 3p Easter / US Time) that people could access Outlook or other Microsoft online programs.  Here is what we know

Microsoft 365 Issue 

Microsoft has posted online that they are investigating issues that affect Microsoft 365 services.

MS Error O365

If you use Outlook installed on your computer, you may notice it crash and not want to reopen, if you use any of the online services like Teams,, Sharepoint Online, One Drive, you may notice they are not responding if you are already logged in or that you can’t if you try and log in.

Checking the Status 

If you want to check the latest status of Microsoft Services, you can always visit the office status page @  There you will see the latest updates.

MS Status page

As of now, that is all we know.  We will update once we know more….


Stay Tuned!!



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