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Monthly Archives: August, 2016

Xbox One – Forza Motorsports 6 Free This Weekend

If you are an Xbox One owner that also has an Xbox Live Gold account, then you can play Forza Motorsports 6 Free this weekend.

Disney Movies Anywhere Is Offering MONSTERS,INC FREE

If you are a Disney fan, and would like to get a digital copy of MONSTERS, INC. for free, now is your chance. Disney Movies Anywhere is offering MONSTERS, INC. Free. Here is what you need to do to get your copy.

How To Turn On Two Factor Authentication For Online Services

The two factor authentication works by using something you know (your password) plus something you have (either email or text message) to prevent anyone who doesn’t have both parts from accessing your account. Twitter, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, iCloud, and most online email services offer two-factor authentication. The following post is about How To Turn On Two Factor Authentication For Online Services.

Securing Your Wireless Network (Via

Today’s home network may include a wide range of wireless devices, from computers and phones, to IP Cameras, smart TVs and connected appliances. Taking...

Samsung Shutting Down Milk Music

If your an owner of a Samsung device you have seen Milk Music app, which when launched in early 2014, was supposed to take on Apple’s iTunes Radio, Pandora, Spotify, and a number of other streaming music services. Well it seems that eventually the Milk had to spoil, and for Samsung the Milk spoils on September 22, 2016.

How To Reset Browser Settings

How To Reset Browser Settings For Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. There are many reasons why you would need to reset your browser. Anything...

Do NOT Fall For Fake Pop Up Messages – Fake Tech Support

The fake pop up message telling you something is wrong with your pc is not a new scam, but I have seen a raise in calls reporting such a message in recent weeks. Let’s review some of the key details of the message and what you need to do if you come across such a situation.

How To Stop Phone Use At The Table (via IKEA)

Dinner at the table used to be where you ate and you talked about the events in your day with family members. Now its...

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