How To Reset Browser Settings For Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. There are many reasons why you would need to reset your browser. Anything from random errors while browsing, to malware infections causing fake pages to appear, resetting the browser is one of the steps you can take to get your system stable again. The following steps will show you how to reset the 3 major browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

Internet Explorer
  • Click on either the cog on the top right of the browser and select Internet Options


  • or Tools from the Menu Bar and select Internet Options


  • Once the Internet Options window opens –> Click on the Advance Tab –> Followed by clicking Reset (on the bottom) and confirm the reset.


Mozilla Firefox
  • Open Firefox –> In the address box type About:Support


  • When the support window opens –> Click Reset Firefox (toward the right side of the page)


Google Chrome
  • Open Chrome –> In the address box Type chrome://settings


  • Scroll to the bottom –> Click on Show Advanced Settings


  • Scroll to the bottom –> Click Reset Browser Settings



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