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Mac OS 11 Is Finally Here

Apple retires macOS X after almost 20 years and releases macOS 11 (Big Sur)

For all of you Mac pc/laptop users, macOS 11 is finally here. Just short of the 20-year mark, Apple has now officially retired macOS X and brought you macOS Big Sur (version 11.0.1). Today’s post will give you just some of what you can expect with updating to the latest version of the macOS.


Brief History of the macOS Operating System 

On Sep. 13th, 2000 Apple released a public beta version of its new OS X software. This beta version was the preview of what was to come and was used to gain feedback from the user base. Funny enough the users who got the beta version paid $29.95 to buy it, and the beta version stopped working after the first full version of OS X was released on March 24th, 2001. Including the initial full release, there were 16 versions of macOS X that were released over 19 1/2 years.  To many, the release of version 11 of the macOS came as a surprise as OS X just appeared to be the brand identity for the pc/laptop software from Apple.

macOS X Cheetah


For Those Who Want To Get The Update 

If you want to update your machine, and you haven’t received the prompt to update yet, you can take the following steps.

  • Go into System Preferences
  • Select Software Update

When you go into Software Updates, you will see the window show that the system is Checking for Updates.

checking for updates





Once the system completes checking for updates, you will get the prompt for the update. If you are ready just click Upgrade Now.

macOS Big Sur Download





Here are a few things about the upgrade to keep in mind.

  • The upgrade is 12.18 GB in size. That is just the download file, so you better make sure you have at least double that amount of space free on the hard drive before doing this update.
  • Once you click on the upgrade now, leave the window open in the background. We noticed in our upgrade that if you close the window, the upgrade download stops and you will have to start over with the download when you reopen the window.
  • Connected wirelessly on a 100MB speed internet service took about 20 min to complete the download part
  • As long as you leave the software update window open in the background, you will be able to continue using your machine.

macOS Big Sur Install









Once the download is complete, you will get the prompt to start the install. Once you start the install you will lose the ability to use your machine for about about 30 min (yes the prompt says 15 min I know), if you have a higher-end pc/laptop.  Once the upgrade is completed, if you go to About This Mac you will see

OS Big Sur






So What Is Different In macOS Big Sur 

If we are going from OS X to OS 11, you have to assume there are some BIG changes in store for the operating system. Here is what we see so far.

  • Reworking of how apps and screens appear. Toolbars look a bit different, and the changes are supposed to “make it easier to get work done”
  • The Control Center feature that iOS users have been accustomed to is now part of macOS as well. Control Center access to volume, brightness, wi-fi, Bluetooth among its many features. If there is a control function that you use regularly, you can drag it from the control center, and move it into the top menu bar.

macOS CPanel










  • Also, you get an updated notification center, updated Safari, and new features in Messages that include being able to pin important conversations.

Final Thought 

Can’t really give a final thought to macOS 11 yet, since we just started taking it for a spin, but so far it is looking it’s off to a good start.


  • Wikipedia – macOS History Information


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