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Xbox One Update Released (April 2020)

For the gamer out there, Xbox One has a new update available. Microsoft has released its latest update, 19041.1927 to the general public. Today’s post will go over the update. Xbox One Update Released (April 2020)

xbox-live-logoThe update for the Xbox One, is considered the semi-annual feature update. So what is new with this update?

Xbox One Version 19041.1927

The release notes speak of 2 changes / feature updates for this version.

  • Update to My Games & Updates – Adding A Surprise Me Button

In the upper-right corner of the MY games & apps section you will see the button listed. The button can also be found by pressing the Menu button on your controller when highlighting the title of a group.

Surprise Me Xbox

Updating Your Xbox One

To get your Xbox One to update you have 2 choices. You can either wait for the prompt to come up on your screen and select update, but that could be a bit before you get the update, or you can trigger the update yourself.  To get the Xbox One to start the update now, follow these steps

  • To start, go to the system screen and select settings

Xbox System 1

  • On the settings screen, go to the system setting and select updates and downloads

Xbox system Update

  • Now on the Updates & downloads screen, select update console

Xbox console update 3

  • Next step will actually start the update. On the Update time! screen select Start update

Xbox Update Time 4

  • Now you just have to wait for the update to complete. You will see the Almost there… message while the update is running.

Xbox Update Wait

  • With a 100mb internet service, and the Xbox One connected to wifi, the update took about 20 minutes to complete. The update was 832 MB in size. Once complete, your Xbox One will be on version 10.0.19041.1927

Xbox Version Update April 2020


Xbox One Update Released (April 2020)

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