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Office Depot Caught Deceiving Customers (via KIRO 7 Seattle)

In an interview with local Seattle TV station KIRO 7, an Office Depot employee has spoken out about unnecessary computer fixes that customers who brought computers in to Office Depot were tricked into paying.
According to the employee interviewed by KIRO, “If they actually did what they said and cared about customers they wouldn’t have started this program.” The employee being interviewed also goes on to say, “Customers are unaware they being taken advantage of”, and that the offering at the heart of the problem, the PC Health Check, “doesn’t compute”.
To test the claims being reported by the Office Depot employee, KIRO took 6 pc’s to Office Depot locations in the states of Washington and Oregon. In 4 out of the 6 cases, the person who brought in the pc was told that the machines had “signs of malware”. The funny thing is that these 6 pc’s were straight out of the box, and the station had an independent company also check the pc’s and none of the units showed any issues (especially not malware).
When Office Depot was questioned about the situation it issues the following statement to KIRO

“Office Depot in no way condones any of the conduct that is alleged in this report. We intend to fully review the assertions and take appropriate action.”

Below is the full video of the story from KIRO

Final Thought

Just remember, because you took your pc (or any other device) to someone to get looked at, DOES NOT mean you must have any “repairs” done by that same location. It’s always good to get 2nd opinions prior to putting down your hard earned money.


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