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News: Firefox Out Of Schedule Update

Firefox Out Of Schedule Update.

For those Firefox users out there, the Mozilla Foundation has released Security Advisory 2022-09, an out-of-schedule update to fix 2 vulnerabilities that are currently being actively exploited. Today’s post will go over the update’s details. Firefox Out Of Schedule Update

Out Of Schedule Update Info 

When any software company releases an out-of-schedule update, that usually means that the issue is critical. In this case, the Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2022-09 concerns 2 vulnerabilities that are currently being “exploited in the wild”.

When you hear that something is being “exploited in the wild” that means that the bad guys have set up fake pages on the internet that can trick users, and exploit a problem in the software. In that way compromising the user’s computer or mobile device. In the case of Mozilla Security Advisory 2022-09

Mozilla won’t post details of the issue, because doing that would give even more bad guys instructions on how to beat the system. However, based on the info they have given, if you go to a compromised website, after visiting the website, the security put in place by Mozilla, could be bypassed.

What Do You Do To Update Firefox 

The issue affects those using 4 Firefox versions. For most users, the fix is for either Firefox 97.0.2 web browser or Firefox on Android 97.3.

Because this is an out-of-schedule update, you need to do the following within Firefox.

Mac Users 

Windows Users 

That will bring up the same About Firefox window that will let you know if you are up to date or if you need to click to restart Firefox.

Android Users 

If you use the Google Play Store to get your software, open the Playstore -> Click the circle with your initial on the upper right. Now click Manage apps & devices, which will lead you to the window that will show you any pending software updates for your apps.

Final Thought 

It’s always a good idea to keep your software up to date for security reasons. Its critically important when something is being exploited in the wild to make sure your software is up to date.



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