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Did Facebook Log You Out On Your iPhone

Facebook iPhone users, you may be trying to figure out why Did Facebook Log You Out On Your iPhone

UPDATED Jan 23rd / 12p (ET): FB explains why at bottom Of post

For starters, it isn’t just you. FB seems to have logged out all iPhone users on Friday night (Jan 22nd).  There are reports that some affected users are having a difficult time getting logged back on. Here is what we know so far, and a fix that seems to work.



FB Downdetector 1 22 21FB Downdetector graph 1 22 21

Based on sites like Downdetector , it appears issues at Facebook started between 9:30p and 10p (ET) on Friday.


What Is Known So Far 

The reports of people getting logged out and not being able to get logged back in 1st showed in a Reddit thread, that asked “Did anyone else get prompted to Sign In again to their Facebook app…” 

reddit fb 1 22 21

Where the poster u/MMDuf lists that “Easily a few hundred friends had the exact same thing happen”.  Facebook via their Facebook page, has since acknowledged the issue. The Facebook post states that they are “looking into reports of people being logged out and having to log in again to access their Facebook accounts.”  

fb issue 1 22 21

Based on comments made, it seems that those with two-factor authentication (2FA), are the ones having the most difficult time getting in because FB is not sending the code when they try and log in.  However, the login was difficult for even those who did not have 2FA turned on. Some users are reporting that they are getting a prompt to submit their ID to FB for user verification.

FB ID Request

Not sure about anyone else, but I’m not very comfortable sharing my ID with FB.


How To Get Logged Back Into Facebook 

Most users discovered if you went to any other device, outside of your iPhone, that you could access Facebook with no problem.  So the simplest solution is not to use your iPhone FB app, ok if you are reading this, that is not what you are looking for.  So here is really what we discovered.  If you go to Facebook on any other device that is not iOS and change your password, which from the browser

  • Click on the down arrow to the right of your name, then click on Settings & Privacy 
  • On the next prompt click on Settings
  • Now click on Security and log in (on the left side of the screen)
  • And now will see the Login -> Change Password box.

FB Change password


Once you change your password and try logging into your account on your iPhone it lets you log back in.  If you have 2FA, on the same window as the password change, you will see where you can turn 2FA on/off.  For this situation, turn off 2FA, log into your iPhone, then go back and turn 2FA back on.


Final Thought 

It’s just another adventure with Facebook.  It would be more helpful if Facebook actually said more than “we are investigating”, but they will never admit when they are wrong. Also, iPhone Facebook users who want to know why they were logged off can wait with Bernie

Updated Final Thought (Jan 23rd / 12p ET) 

It seems that Facebook has posted a vague reason for the iPhone app logging off users. According to the Facebook App page on Facebook, a “configuration change” caused iPhone users to get logged out.

FB Issue reason 1 23 21

As vague as the reason seems, Facebook usually doesn’t give any reason, so this is something.



Did Facebook Log You Out On Your iPhone

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