Alert: (Update) Houseparty Having Issues

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Update: April 14th @ 1:30a (ET). Quick heads up for those of you, who use the Houseparty app. It seems that the app is currently having issues. Here is what we know about what is going on with Houseparty.Alert: Houseparty Having Issues

Houseparty App Logo

House Party Issue

The twitter account for Houseparty has announced that they are having issues.

Houseparty Issue

Per the tweet by Houseparty, if you try to start a new party, it isn’t working.  They are currently trying to troubleshoot the issue. So if you are a houseparty user, stand by.

Update: April 14th @ 1:30a (ET) – It seems that after an hour, all is well with the Houseparty world and everything is back up and working.

Houseparty Issue update


Alert: Houseparty Having Issues

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