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Alert: Google Is Having An Outage

For those out there who use Google services, your Monday just got more difficult. At the moment (7:20a ET), many of the Google services seem to not be working. Per reports, Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive are among the services that are down. Here is what we know so far.
Alert Google Having Outage 


Google Outage  

It seems if you try and access some of the Google pages, you will get an error message that can vary from account cant be found (Gmail) to error code 500 (Google Drive). Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong has posted some screenshots of what you will find


Google Outage Dec 2020

Checking on Down Detector, you will find that this issue not only affects Google itself but also sites that depend on Google for its sign-in process, like Discord and PokeMan Go.

down Dec 2020

So far Google’s YouTube team seem to be the ones who have acknowledged the outage

Youtube down Dec 2020


This is a developing story….stand by.


Alert Google Having Outage

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