Venmo is one of the most popular forms to send/receive money, however, not everyone realizes how public their information is on Venmo. Do you use Venmo to send or receive money? Have you checked what the default Venmo settings are? Today’s post will go over the steps you should take if you don’t want others to know about your Venmo activity. How Much Venmo Info Are You Sharing

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Introduction To Venmo

Venmo, which is owned by Paypal is used by millions to send and receive money from friends and family. In addition, Venmo can be used to make payments with select approved businesses. Venmo is unique in that it allows users the ability to share and like payments and purchases through a social feed. For millennials, Venmo seems to be the Go-To option to send and receive money.


The Problem With Venmo Settings 

Signing up for a Venmo account is easy, just download the app. Once downloaded provide your name and your email address, and in a matter of minutes, you have an account. However, the social feed part of Venmo means that your account by default is public. All the settings in Venmo, by default, are all set to public and not everyone wants to share all the details of their life with everyone.


What To Check With Venmo 

Once you have your Venmo account set up, what you want to check is the following.  Click the 3 lines on the top right of the app

  • Select Settings -> Privacy

You will find the Privacy setting set to public.  You will want to change that to Friends if you want those you know to be able to see what you do, or Private if you want only the person you send or receive money from to see.

Venmo Settings

  • Now Select Past Transactions.

This is the setting for all of your transaction history. Again, you can either make it Friends or Private, depending on what setting you prefer.


Venmo Past Transactions

  • Go back one screen from the Past Transaction screen, and then select Friends list.

If you don’t to be seen by everyone on Venmo, this is where you can select if you want to be seen just by your friends, or not be seen at all.  If you select Private, for others to find and add you, they will need to get your info from you.  They won’t be able to search for you on Venmo.


Venmo Friends List How Much Venmo Info Are You Sharing

Final Thought 

Some people may not care and are willing to share everything they do.  However, for most, they want to have some control. These steps will give you some of that control with Venmo.

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