With the Studio 3 headphones you get

  • Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling (Pure ANC) actively blocks external noise.

If you are a public transit commuter, the noise cancelling is something you just cant live without.

  • Up to 22 hours of battery life enables full-featured all-day wireless playback

This is especially nice, because just 10 min charge can get you 3 hours of playback.  For that long trip, it doesn’t take much to keep these headphones going.

  • Take calls, control music, and activate Siri with multifunction on-ear controls

For these features, yes you can take calls, however if you are in a noisy area the mic pick’s up all the sound around you, so I would suggest not using them as a mic, unless you are in a very quiet area. The outer ear piece does have easy to use controls, so you don’t have to get your device to change volume or song. For those who are using an iOS device with the Studio 3 it will also let you activate Siri from the headphones.

  • The Studio 3 headphones are for any bluetooth device (Not only Apple).

I bring this up, as i was asked if they can be used with Windows machines, or with Android, since Beats is owned by Apple.  Yes these headphones work great with any Bluetooth device, or any device with an audio jack, as the Studio 3 headphones also come with a 3.5mm cable.

Final Thought

As said in my previous post, this is NOT a paid post by Beats or by Apple. I am an owner of Beats Studio 3, and if you want to get Great over the ear headphones, this is the best deal yet.


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