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Homeowners in Oklahoma Find Their Homes For Rent On Facebook

Homeowners in Oklahoma Find Their Homes For Rent On Facebook.

In another example of social media being used to scam people, a Facebook page called Rent Homes was set up advertising homes for rent in the Tulsa Oklahoma area, that promised rental homes for a $30 dollar application fee and rent that could be paid via PayPal or a reloadable money card that you can get a most stores. “Someone is advertising houses for rent in Tulsa on Facebook, but the problem is the houses are not actually for rent and the person doing the advertising has no claim to the homes”.  The following report from NewsOn6 In Tulsa shows the importance of doing your homework, and not just believing what you see online. – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |

Though the Facebook page has since been removed, it’s a good reminder to always double and triple-check your Facebook sources before committing money to anything you find on Facebook, especially if it’s a massive purchase like real estate. Some of the tips to keep in mind especially with real estate

  • Meet In Person
  • Get Private Tour
  • Make sure they have keys to front and back door
  • Check and make sure the house is not on a foreclosure list
  • Ask to see ownership papers

SOURCE: News On 6

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