So as of 6:40p (ET), if you visit the Pandora music site, you are seeing the error that “Something has gone wrong…”. Updated at 7:40p (ET) – Site now appears to be back up.  Pandora Site Currently Offline 

For those of you trying to visit the Pandora website to get their fix of music and podcasts cant at the moment. It seems that the Pandora site is having issues and at the moment if you visit the site, you will see a message that says “Internal Server Error – Something has gone wrong. We’re working on this issue, and we’ll have things back to normal soon.” 

Pandora Outage 12 25 18

Issue Setting Up New Account 

For those who try to set a new account, you will see the error “No listener found for …..” 

Pandora Sign Up Error

More to follow…..


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