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How Long Have You Been On Instagram Today

Here is an interesting “Did You Know” about Instagram.  Did you know that you can track how long you have used instagram, on a daily basis, over the past 7 days? Yep, for those who may need to confirm if they are addicted to Instagram or need to check and see if their loved one (IE kids) are addicted, Instagram has your info. Here are the steps to find out How Long Have You Been On Instagram Today. How To: How Long Have You Been On Instagram Today 

Time on Instagram

The screen that tells you Time on Instagram has a bar graph that looks like screen for most number of step apps. To access the screen its fairly simple.  Just follow these steps and you will know how long you have spent on Instagram. NOTE: This function is only available on the app, not via the Instagram website.

Accessing The Time on Instagram Screen 

  • From the app, click on the profile button, which is the one on the lower right of the screen that looks like the silhouette of a person.  That will take you to your profile screen.

Instagram Home Button

  • Once you make it to your profile screen, click on the 3 lines on the top right of the screen.  That will get you to the settings page.

Instagram 3 line settings

  • At this point, click where it says Your Activity.

Instagram settings

  • With that, you are now at Your Activity. If you want to see specific time for any of the 7 days listed, just press and hold the screen over the bar for that day and you will see a pop up that tells you how long you were on that day. If you think you have been on too much and you want to set yourself a reminder limit, you can even set that up by clicking Set Daily Reminder and selecting how long you want to limit yourself to.

Your activity instagram

And with that, you now know how to track your usage on Instagram.


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