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HowTo: Win10 Settings You Should Change

To Improve Your PC, Here Are Some Win10 Settings You Should Change

Overall, Windows 10 has found its place among all of the Microsoft Operating System software that has been released over the many decades. However, leaving your computer with the “out of the box” default settings is not something we recommend. The following post will cover some simple changes that will take some annoyances away and make your pc run better. Win10 Settings You Should Change


From getting unnecessary promptings to addressing reasons why your pc could be running slow, the following changes should tune up your pc. The steps will be using Windows 10 version 20H2 / OS Build 19042.630, which means a machine that has been updated to November 2020 updates. Your machine may not be using the same version, so the screenshots may look a little different, but the steps overall will be the same.


Finding Out What Version You Are Using 

First thing, how do you find out what version of Windows you have installed. Microsoft releases 2 major updates each year, plus monthly security updates (known as patch Tuesday). To find out what version you are on

  • Click on your start menu and then click the cog you will see on the left side of the start menu or open your search box and type Settings App 
  • That will open the Windows Settings window. From that Window, find and click on the Update & Security setting

Win10 Update & security setting

  • From the window that opens, look on the right-hand side. Find and click on OS Build Info. That will bring you to the window that will show you the version and OS Build of your current Windows install

Win10 OS Build

It is good to know this information, even if you aren’t a geek. If you are having issues with your laptop, knowing this information is a good way to verify if a recent update possibly has a bug in it, or if there is any update that has been released to fix something in the OS.  Even being able to give this info to a geek when you are asking for help on an issue will speed up finding a solution.

Win10 Settings You Should Change

Turning Off Unnecessary Notifications / Turning On Necessary Notification 

These changes are in a couple of areas of Windows Settings. There are some notifications you may be seeing that you just don’t want to see. Like Microsoft recommendations on how to use Windows better. To turn off those notifications

Notifications & Actions 

  • From the windows settings screen, click on System -> On the right-hand side of the next window, click on Notifications & actions. In this section, you want to UNCHECK
    • Show me the Windows welcome experience
    • Suggest ways I can finish setting up my device
    • Get tips, tricks, and suggestions

Win10 system notifications


In the same area (just scroll down) you will find Get notifications from these senders. If you have something like mail set up, and you want to get notified when a new email comes in, but aren’t, this is the section that matters to you. In this section, take a look at what is set to on. If it is something you want to get a notification, make sure it’s on.  If it is something you don’t care about, turn it off. This section is a user preference.

Win10 sender notification

Once you have made the adjustments, click on the arrow on the top left to go back to the Windows Settings window.


  • At this point for the next adjustment, click on the Personalization icon from Windows Settings.
  • Now on the left side, scroll down and select Start. Almost directly across, you will find Show suggestions occasionally in Start. Turn that off.

Win10 suggest start change

You ever wonder how those games/apps that you didn’t download randomly show up in your start menu, well here you go. Those games/apps are suggestions from Microsoft.


If you are an Xbox gamer, then you can skip this section. If you don’t play any Xbox games, then the Xbox integration is the next thing you should turn off.

  • For the next adjustment, from the Windows Settings screen select Gaming.
  • In the Gaming window, turn off the function for the Xbox Game Bar

Win10 Xbox Game Bar

Keep in mind this setting is specific to Xbox gaming.  If you play Houseparty, Words with Friends (Old School), or any other non-Xbox game, turning off this setting won’t affect you.


  • Once you have gotten past the Xbox Game Bar settling, go back to Windows Settings and now select privacy.
  • In the privacy window, look at the left side and select Diagnostics & feedback. Once you select that, on the right-hand side scroll to the very bottom of the screen. There you will find the Feedback frequency box. Change that setting to Never.

Win10 feedback frequency

Win10 Settings You Should Change

Turning Off Apps That Run When You Start Your PC

When you turn on your computer, some apps start and run in the background, even if you didn’t open them. In some cases, the app running in the background like your Anti-virus software is a good thing, it keeps you protected. In other cases, the app running in the background is just an overgrown mess that you don’t need until you actually want to use it. To see what is running when you start your pc


  • From the Windows Settings screen, select the Apps icon.
  • When the Apps window opens, select Startup on the left. You will then see the list of startup apps. Here you can turn off any app that you don’t use or need regularly.

Win10 startup apps

A couple of things to keep in mind, if you see your Anti-virus software listed here, leave it turned on. By turning things off, you are NOT uninstalling, so if you turn something off, and then the app stops working properly, you can always come back to this section and turn it back on.


In even more of a chase, Microsoft has 2 different settings, Apps that run on startup and Background Apps. The difference is that apps that run in the background, will keep running even after you close them. Things like mail, you want running in the background so it can keep receiving mail, even when you aren’t using it. Other Apps and games don’t necessarily need to keep running when not in use. Turning off background apps can help conserve power to your computer as well.   To see what apps are running in the background

  • Once you are in the privacy window, scroll on the left side until you find Background Apps, and select that. Once you do, you will find the list of apps that are selected to run in the background. Turn off anything you don’t need to be running unless you are using it.

Win10 Background Apps

Keep in mind, the less running in the background, the more resources are available for things you are doing. Which means your pc will actually work faster.


Final Thought 

Simple changes that will make you less annoyed and will make your computer run better.

Win10 Settings You Should Change

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