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Twitter Wont Remove Inactive Accts – For Now

In the past couple of day’s Twitter announced it was considering removing inactive accounts. In Twitters thinking, if you aren’t using the account, someone else should have the opportunity. The original announcement from Twitter, was simply that they were going to enforce the existing policy about inactive accounts. However, after the Twitter base found out, they made sure to tell Twitter their opinion, and it wasn’t good. Decision is now reversed by Twitter, after heard from its base, at least for now. Here are the details….Twitter Wont Remove Inactive Accts – For Now 


The Twitter Inactive Account Policy

As mention, Twitter wanted to remove accounts that were inactive over the past 6 months or longer. Clearing inactive accounts would give active Twitter users an expanded list of available name. The Twitter policy as it reads

Twitter Inactive account policy

So according to Twitter, you need to access your account at least 1 time every 6 months. In an email 1st sent to users, and then reported by media outlets, Twitter said


To continue using Twitter, you’ll need to agree to the current Terms, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Use. This not only lets you make the best decisions about the information that you share with us, it also allows you to keep using your Twitter account. But first, you need to log in and follow the on-screen prompts before Dec. 11, 2019, otherwise your account will be removed from Twitter.

In essence, users that had not logged in for a while, they would need to log in by Dec 11, 2019 or their account would removed. However, there is something that Twitter apparently didn’t consider until users got involved, which is what about accounts of those who have past away.

Twitter Lack Of Memorial Policy / Procedure

Once Twitter sent out the notice of their intention, the user base pointed out that Twitter only has a policy to remove an account of a deceased user, they DO NOT have a way to memorialize an account.

Twitter deceased user

And after hearing from a large portion of the user base, Twitter has now sent out an update where they list that they “will not be removing any inactive accounts”

Final Thought

So at least for now, inactive accounts are safe.  When Twitter finally comes up with a way to memorialize accounts we will share that info.


Twitter Wont Remove Inactive Accts – For Now 



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