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News: Apple Releases Emergency Updates

Apple Has Released An Emergency Update For iOS, iPadOS, and WatchOS

iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch users, Apple has released an EMERGENCY update (March 27, 2021). This update fixes an issue that Apple considers as “Actively Exploited”. Today’s post will review the updated details.

An important note on the update is that it includes a fix for iOS 12.5.2, which are older iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices. Apple Releases Emergency Updates

About The Update 

Normally updates by Apple are released once a month. However, out-of-sequence updates are possible when Apple discovers an issue with a product. With the current update, the issue appears to be actively being exploited by people with bad intentions.  Today’s update by Apple is for just that kind of situation. According to the information released by Apple, the Google Threat Analysis Group found an issue that could cause “Universal cross-site scripting”.

Apple Emergency Update Info

The issue involves you visiting a website that has been compromised. When you visit the site, your Apple device allows that site to make changes to your device. Changes that the bad guys can use against you, like recording information you enter.

Apple Update 3 27 2021


It is interesting to note that Apple isn’t just sending this update out for current devices, they are also including older iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices as well.


Getting The Update

If you haven’t received notification about the update yet

  • iPhone and iPad users – Go to Settings -> General -> Software Updates.  Note: Had to go into Software Updates 2 times before the update prompt.
  • Apple Watch – Go to the Apple Watch App

Apple Emergency Update Notice

Those on iPhone or iPad will see the update screen to start the install of the update.


Final Thought 

Keeping your devices updated is important. Updates like the one just released today by Apple are even more important. Update your devices ASAP.



Apple Releases Emergency Updates


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