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How To: Outlook for Mac – Change Font Size

Today’s post is for users of Outlook for Mac. Specifically how to change the default font size.  We will review the simple steps you can take to make the change and have those changes become the default.

Outlook Mac Icon


With these changes, you will have the ability to adjust the font size of the

  • Sidebar
  • Mail List
  • Reading Pane
  • New Messages
  • Reply Messages


Change The Font Size – Outlook Side Bar / Mail List / Reading Pane

The font size may not look very big in the Outlook app, depending on the size of the screen. For some having larger size text is just a necessity and changing the size of the text in the sidebar (1), mail list (2), and reading pane (3) text is the 1st step 

A diagram of the text display size options in OutlookTo change those 3 areas, follow these steps.

  • Open the Outlook app, and then Go to Outlook > Preferences > Fonts.

  • In the Font window that opens, move the slider to the left (for smaller) and right (for larger).  Once you move it, this will adjust the size of all the fonts seen in the sidebar, mail list, and reading pane.

.Move the slider left or right to change the text display size


Change The Font Size – New Mail / Reply Mail / Forward Mail / Plain Text Mail

Making the change above doesn’t change the font size when you create a new email or reply to an email. There is an additional set of steps to make the email messages themselves change the font size.

To change the default font for incoming and outgoing messages:

  • Select Outlook > Preferences > Fonts.
  • In the Default fonts for composing messages section click the Font button next to the composition style you want to edit. For example, click Font next to New mail to select a default font for new messages, or next to Reply or forward to set a font for outgoing messages.

outlook mac font setting

  • In the window that open, On the Font tab, you can choose the default Font type, Font Style, Size, Color & Underline, and Effects

Shows the Font tab in the Font dialog box


  • If you want to get extra fancy with your emails, On the Advanced tab, you can adjust default character spacing and typography

Shows the Advanced tab in the Font dialog box

Just repeat the steps for each type of email message, New Mail, Reply/Forward Mail, and Plain Text Mail. Once you make changes and click ok, those changes will become the default settings for the Outlook app on Mac.


Microsoft – Change the font size in Outlook for Mac 
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