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How To: Limit Apple App Shopping

What do Android, Apple, Fortnite, Xbox, among so many others have in common? A parent somewhere has gotten stuck with a “surprise” charge from each one of these services. In this post we will go over the steps to limit Apple App Store shopping.


The issue with surprise charges goes back to the early days of the iPhone. In 2013, Apple had to settle with parents because of these surprise charges (surprise to the parent at least). Some people say the charges are the fault of whoever gave the youngster the tablet or phone. imageAs said in the Limit Google App Shopping post, a few days ago, this post is not about the “what age is to young” discussion. This post is to help parents, aunts, uncles, etc. who give a kid their tablet or smart phone. If you choose to hand a child a device, you are responsible for anything they do. The following is how you can protect yourself on the Apple App Store.

Limit  Apple App Store

One of the first things you should do is add a password requirement to any app store purchases, that way someone else can’t purchase anything on your device (remember that you can purchase apps, music, movies, and books from the Apple App Store)

To add (or check) if password is turned on

  • Open settings on your device -> In settings scroll down and select iTunes & App Store

iOS itunes app settings

  • In the iTunes & App Store screen select Password Settings

iOS password setting

  • On the password settings screen, select “Always Require”

iOS password always req

There is a choice for Require After 15 Min, but selecting Always Require is the most secure way to go.

Use A Pre-Paid Card

Another option for those with older kids is use a pre-paid card on the device. There are numerous pre-paid cards out on the market these days.  The one I can recommend, as it seems to be simple to reload, and has virtually no fees, is Bluebird from American Express. The Bluebird card is available at Walmart, and who doesn’t seem to live near a Walmart.

Bluebird Amex

That way you can start teaching the kids responsibility, and also understanding of staying within their limits. The kids can learn, “Do I really want to spend my money now”. You could use things like chores as ways they earn money that gets added to their card. I say this for kids, but seeing how some adults spend money, this could be a good idea for some adults as well.

Final Thought

If you give anyone any of your devices, you need to pay attention. You are responsible for their actions on your device. By adding the password requirement or using a pre-paid card, you are just adding layers to assist you in monitoring your devices.


How To: Limit Apple App Shopping

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