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How To: Check Active Sessions Twitter


Check Active Sessions Twitter

At times, you may connect to Twitter on a device that isn’t yours. From logging on your work PC to logging on using a friend’s tablet. You should always log out when not using your own devices, but how can you be sure you did? Today’s post will go over how to check the open Twitter sessions you have, and what devices they are on.

Checking on Open Twitter Sessions 

You should periodically check where your Twitter account is logged in from. That way you can make sure your account is only being used where you expect it to be. To check where you have an active Twiter session use the following steps after you log into your Twitter account.

Here you will see your current session, plus a list of all Twitter sessions you have logged into.

You can select each session and log out 1 by1 or you can select Log Out All Other Sessions, which will log you out of everything except the session you are on.

Some Things To Keep In Mind 

There are a few things from this list to keep in mind.

Final Thought 

You have to stay on top of your settings to keep your accounts secure. Regularly monitoring things like active sessions for Twitter is an important step in making sure your Twitter account stays secure.




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