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How To: Change Default Path Of Screenshots in macOS

Changing Where Screenshots Save on macOS. A Simple How-To

If you are on a Mac and you like to take screenshots to save info for later, you will find that you end up with a cluttered desktop. Today’s post will go over the simple steps to change where screenshots save on macOS.

When you take a screenshot, your Desktop is the default location for your screenshots to save in macOS. Now if you want to organize/declutter your desktop, you may want to change its default location. If you don’t the desktop of your machine could look like this

macOS screenshot desktop


Changing The Folder Location For Screenshots 

The following steps will change the location screenshots save.

  • Create a folder named SCREENSHOTS (or whatever label you want to call your screenshots folder) in your desired directory or location. I still like my screenshots on the desktop, but they don’t clutter my screen when they save to the folder I created called screenshots on the desktop.

Screenshots folder

  • Open Spotlight Search (Command + Space).
  • Type in “Terminal” then hit Enter.

macOS Terminal

  • Type this command: “defaults write location “
  • Drag the folder you created to the Terminal then hit Enter.
    The command should look like this: defaults write location /User/username/location.

IMPORTANT: Make sure there is a space between location and the / in the line. If there isn’t you will get a message that says Rep argument is not a dictionary.

  • Type this command: “killall SystemUIServer” then hit Enter
  • Type Exit then hit Enter.


Final Thought 

The request for this post came from a visitor to Tech Geek and More.  If you have a tech question, or issue, let us know. We will be happy to see if we can get you the answers you need. As always the goal of Tech Geek and More is Technology Made Easy.

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