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How To: Apps That Access Your Twitter


3rd Party Apps That Access Your Twitter

There are many 3rd party apps out in cyberspace for Twitter users. Usually, you will find a 3rd party app for some specific purpose, like having 1 app show you multiple Twitter feeds. The problem is when you stop using a specific 3rd party app for Twitter, did you remember to remove the permission you granted it? Today’s post will cover how to check 3rd party apps that have access to your Twitter.

From Tweeten to Buffer to Crowdfire, and many others, there are numerous 3rd party apps to improve your Twitter experience. You may use a 3rd party app for a while and then move on to something else. The problem for most people is that they forget to remove the access for the 3rd party app they are no longer using. The following steps will go over how to check what 3rd party apps have access. Plus how to remove the ones you no longer need.

Checking 3rd Party App Access On Twitter 

For starters, you need to log into Twitter itself to check what apps have access. Once you log in to Twitter follow these steps

This will show you what 3rd Party Apps have access to your Twitter account.

Seeing The 3rd Party Apps – What Do you Do? 

Go through your list, do you recognize and use everything that is listed? For anything, you don’t recognize or you no longer use, click on the app from the list. You will see the name come up, tell you what access the app has, and allow you to Revoke Access. 

Final Thought 

Even if most of these 3rd party apps are “harmless”, it’s always a great idea to stay on top of your security settings. Limit what has access to your accounts to only those apps that need to. Worse case, if you remove something and then figure out you still need it, all you will have to do is relink it to Twitter next time you sign in to that 3rd party app.


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