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How To: Apple Watch Soft Reset / Hard Reset

Using The Soft Reset / Hard Reset To Fix Apple Watch Issues 

The Apple Watch is a popular product, especially as an add-on for iPhone users. Since its intro in 2015, there have been multiple generations of the watch. The watch itself is solid, but once in a while, issues do happen. Today’s post will explain how you can do a soft reset or a hard reset to fix many of the issues that do happen with the Apple Watch.


Some of the most common issues found with the Apple watch include

  • Watch not charging via a wireless charger
  • The Watch only showing a black screen
  • Having an unresponsive screen on the watch
  • Being stuck in a boot loop, so it never completely starts


How To Get The Apple Watch To Work Properly 

The following steps usually correct issues with the Apple Watch.  The easiest to perform is the Soft Reset, so let’s first start with a soft reset. As I mentioned, most people usually perform this step because it’s the easiest.

  • SOFT RESET (Restart)

To soft reset your Apple Watch:

  1. Press and hold the side button
  2. Once you see the “Power off” slider, drag it to the right
  3. Your Apple Watch will turn off. Press and hold the side button again until you see an Apple logo

Apple Watch Soft


Your Apple Watch will turn back on. A quick restart usually combats minor problems on your device. Check to see if the issues you experienced earlier are still happening. If it is, then we go to the Hard Reset.


In case your Apple Watch is unresponsive, or the Soft Reset didn’t work, this is when the hard reset function comes in.

To hard reset an Apple Watch:

  1. Remove the Apple Watch from your wrist. (This is optional, but highly suggested)
  2. Press and hold the Digital Crown and side button simultaneously
  3. Hold until your screen is off and let go when you see an Apple logo

Apple Watch Hard


Final Thought 

The majority of issues with the Apple Watch are fixed with either the Soft Reset or Hard Reset and don’t require a repair shop.

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