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Deal Alert: Apple Airpods / Airpods Pro

For those considering getting Apple Airpods or Airpods Pro, they are ON SALE! We have multiple vendors who have them on sale. Today’s post will show you some of the options if you are about to buy a set of Apple Airpods / Airpods Pro. Deal Alert: Apple Airpods / Airpods Pro



The Apple Airpods / Airpods Pro 

With the Airpods you have a choice of a wired case, wireless case, or the Airpod Pro w/ wireless case. If your goal is to just get Airpods, the wired case may be enough. If you want noise-canceling, you may want to look at the Airpod Pro. The below break out gives you the difference between the 3.


Apple ipods breakout


Airpods On Sale 

The Apple Airpods are on sale from several vendors.

Apple Airpods Wireless

Apple Airpods Pro Best Buy Deal


Those who prefer Target is matching the Best Buy Prices for all 3 Airpod options


Final Thought 

Keep in mind that just because they say Apple Airpods, that they are not only for Apple.  The AirPods work on other devices (including Android and Windows). As long as your device has Bluetooth, you can use AirPods.

Deal Alert: Apple Airpods / Airpods Pro


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