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Alert: Possible Data Breach T-Mobile

If you are a customer of T-Mobile you should be concerned tonight.  It seems there is a possible data breach of T-Mobile data that could affect a very large part of their customer base. This is still a developing story, so details are limited. The information came to light Sunday, Aug 15th, via a report from Vice.


According to the report, the hacker has obtained the data of over 100 million people, from T-Mobile servers. The data in question includes

  • Names
  • Physical Addresses
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Phone Numbers
  • Unique IMEI numbers
  • Drivers License info

Vice reports that they spoke to the hacker, who is selling the data. Of the compromised data, 30 million users’ data is being offered in the underground forum, for 6 bitcoin (or about $270,000).  The remaining data is being sold “privately”, which is even scarier.  According to the report from Vice, the hacker has lost access to the servers in question, so T-Mobile already probably knows and has patched the access.  However damage is done, the hacker has downloaded and has the data.

T-Mobile for their part is only saying they are aware of the claims and are investigating.

Stay Tune for more info as it becomes available.



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