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Alert: FB, FB Messenger, WhatsApp Having Issues

For Those Seeing Issues Trying To Use FB, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Workplace by FB, It’s Not You (Updated)

For those starting their morning trying to communicate via Facebook, FB Messenger, or WhatsApp, Instagram, you aren’t going crazy.  There are multiple reports from areas around the world reporting issues with the FB services.  These issues seem to include Workplace by Facebook and Workplace Messenger, which are the business versions of FB.

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Update: This post was originally posted at 8a (ET), and by 11a the issue with messaging appears resolved. There was no acknowledgement by FB on the issue. 


What We Know So Far 

So far, Facebook doesn’t seem to acknowledge the issue but if you look at sites like down detector you will see many reports of issues


FB Issues Dec 2020

with many of the users reporting things like users not being active. Or in other cases, you post a message and it just doesn’t seem to get sent (at least not for a while).

FB error Dec 2020

And for users of the business version of FB, Workplace, when in chat users seem to be getting “No Internet Connection”.


workplace error

The errors mainly seem to happen via the chat and messaging features of all of the FB services.  As of now, we will just wait to see if we get an official acknowledgment from FB



FB WhatsApp Issues

Issue affecting all Facebook services, Facebook, FB Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp.  Facebook has not acknowledged the issue.

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