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New Facebook Scam that tries to trick the user to give up Credit Card Info (Via

facebook  In a post this week, Researchers from the Trusteer site warned about a new scam attempting to trick Facebook users into giving up their credit card info to the bad guys.

Our researchers have discovered a new configuration of the Ice IX malware that attacks Facebook users after they have logged in to their account and steals credit card and other personal information.

This latest attack uses a web injection to present a fake web page in the victim’s browser. The form requests the user provide their cardholder name, credit/debit card number, expiry date, CID and billing address. The attackers claim the information is needed to verify the victim’s identity and provide additional security for their Facebook account.


Fake web page

(**Picture courtesy of Trusteer)

(Per Facebook) Please advise your readers to report to Facebook any spam they find on the Facebook site, and remember Facebook will never ask for your credit card, social security, or any other sensitive information other than your username and password while logging in.

To see the complete post, including additional information on how easy it is to purchase this kind of malware (Yes you can buy malware just like you buy mp3’s) and how the bad guys advertise their tools, see the complete post on the (LINK) Trusteer (http://www NULL.trusteer website.