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(Resolved) – It appears that Twitter is having issues this morning


As of 12:45p (CST USA) It now looks like whatever caused the issues at Twitter have been taken care of.  Access appears to be resolved both via the website and on 3rd party Twitter apps.


For those who are regulars on Twitter, I think this tweet explains how they feel best


As of 11:30a (CST USA), when visiting the (http://Twitter page, you will see the following page

Still no additional information as to the cause of the outage or an ETA on when Twitter will be up and running.


As of 10:45am (CST USA), it appears that twitter is having connection issues.  This appears to be affecting both to the website and 3rd party apps.

The Twitter status (http://status NULL.twitter page shows a message that “Users may be experiencing issues accessing Twitter.

Will have additional information as it becomes available

How To: Solution for TweetDeck blank screen issue

Tweeting Came across an interesting situation this morning with TweetDeck. When I opened it, all that came up was a blank screen.


     It took a little research but here is the solution (and its simple) if you come across this issue. 

Solution -

1 -  Click on Start –> Control Panel –> (If windows Vista or 7) click View by (on top right) and change to Large Icons –> Click on Folder Options



2 – Click on the View tab (op top) –> In the Advanced Settings Window select “Show hidden files, folders, and drives.**


**In addition, as a general rule I suggest removing the checks next to

- Hide extensions for known file types

- Hide protected operating system files

I recommend these changes as hidden files could be used to hide infections from being seen.

After the changes click OK



3 – Once you have made those changes, click on Start –> My Computer –> or click on the My Computer icon on the desktop.

Look for the following location in the C: \  ->

Windows XP –> C:\Documents and Settings\(Name you are logged in under)\Local Settings\Application Data

Windows 7 / Vista –> C:\Users\(Name you are logged in under)\AppData\Local

     – Once you are have reached the Local Folder (Win 7 / Vista) or Application Data Folder (Win XP), look for a folder called Twitter.



Find the folder and delete the folder.  What that will do is cause the Sign In Screen to appear again next time you start TweetDeck.


Just sign in and everything should be back to normal.