Virus Clean Up Using Panda Rescue USB Drive

No matter how many precautions one takes, the only given is that at some point everyone will be affected by malware (a virus). The only way you can prevent being infected is to never connect your computer to the internet and never open any file on your computer. The reality is that not being connected to the internet or never open any files, pretty much eliminates the need for a computer, So knowing that at some point you will be cleaning your pc, should mean that you need to prepare yourself.

One of the items in my bag of tricks to clean malware is the Panda Rescue USB Drive. The problem with doing malware clean up is that some of the malware files created trick Windows into thinking they are important, so when you go and try delete the offending malware you get a message that says “Unable to delete – File is in use”. The benefit of using tools like the Panda Rescue USB drive is that the tool checks your computer without actually booting into Windows, so that any offending file can be successfully removed.

Panda has posted instructions on creating and using the Panda Rescue USB drive on their Panda Security page.


I highly recommend creating one of these Rescue Drives and keep it handy just in case.

Source: Panda Security – How to disinfect viruses with Panda Rescue USB drive (http://www NULL.pandasecurityusa