Jackie Chan Is Dead – A Facebook Scam (BTW – He’s Alive)

I’ve been a fan of Jackie Chan since I was kid, and I’m going to miss watching his…..OH WAIT He isn’t dead. That’s right Jackie Chan has done many “death-defying” stunts in his movies, but there is a BIG difference between death-defying and death itself (One of those just seems to permanent). In the latest round of Facebook scams using a celebrities untimely demise it seems that the bad guys want you to believe that Jackie Chan died while doing a stunt, and falling off a 12 story building. This latest scam seems to have started sometime mid-June 2013.


Or maybe he isn’t dead but just barely hanging on to life.


In both cases the posts are meant to be over dramatic with just enough facts

– Deadly Stunt (Jackie Chan does do stunts)

– C.S.I investigating (That sounds legit, if you ever watched the TV show CSI this could be possible)

– Watch the Video (Reality TV at its finest, of course there is no video since he isn’t dead)

– Good Samaritan Hospital (That is a real hospital in LA)

– FBI Investigating (WOW really, I didn’t know the FBI investigates stunt accidents)

Jackie Chan Fights Back – Proves He Isn’t Dead

This isn’t the 1st hoax concerning Jackie Chan, in 2011 a scam link directed those who clicked it to a fake news website reporting that Jackie Chan died of a heart attack.


However, this time Jackie Chan didn’t take his death quietly. To make sure people believed him, on June 21st, Jackie posted a picture of himself holding a newspaper on his Facebook page (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/photo NULL.php?fbid=10151730089877318&set=a NULL.98876792317 NULL.90092 NULL.30382852317&type=1) and wrote the following messageimage

Hi everybody! Yesterday, I got on a 3am flight from India to Beijing. I didn’t get a chance to sleep and even had to clean my house when I got home. Today, everybody called to congratulate me on my rumored engagement. Afterward, everybody called me to see if I was alive.
If I died, I would probably tell the world! I took a photo with today’s date, just in case you don’t believe me! However, thank you all for your concern. Kiss kiss and love you all!
P.S. My dog is healthy, just like me! He doesn’t need surgery! By the way, my dogs are golden retrievers, not Labradors.

By the way, 244,453 others have liked the picture and post by Jackie Chan (as of 7/25/13)

Jackie Isn’t The Only Star To Read About Their Death

Selecting a famous person to “kill off” seems to be a regular social engineering trick. Get someone that is known and loved by many, add some gruesome details, include a supposed (not real) video or picture, and some one will fall for it. Over the years  stars with fake deaths include

  • Justin Bieber (In 2009,2010,2011)
  • Britney Spears (In 2001, 2009, 2010)
  • Lindsay Lohan (In 2011)
  • Will Ferrell (In 2006)
  • Christian Slater (In 2010)
  • Will Smith (In 2011)
  • Russell Crowe (In 2010)


  • Eminem (In 2009)


Why the scam

Its social engineering pure and simple. Depending on the version of the post, some links lead to pages that will download malware on your pc, other links will download an app that will try and take over your Facebook account. In all situations, you really don’t want to click on any of the links.

What If You Already Clicked A Link

If you already clicked a link you want to take the following steps

  • Make sure to update your computer by running Windows Update. Also update programs like Flash, Java, Shockwave.
  • Update your antivirus software and then run a full scan of your computer
  • Install SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes (You can download both from Ninite.com (http://ninite NULL.com))  and run a full scan of your computer using both programs (Run the programs 1 at a time)
  • Install Hitman Pro Scanner (You can download from Surfright (http://www NULL.surfright NULL.nl/en/hitmanpro/)) and run a full scan of your computer
  • On Facebook, go to Account settings –> Apps –> and look at the authorized apps listed. Make sure that only apps that you use are there. If you find any strange apps remove them.