In-Flight Thefts On The Rise At LAX

For the past 11 years, I have spent more than my share of time on planes. You realize that you travel a lot when the flight crews recognize you, greet you by name, and have conversations with you about your current or previous business trip. As a fellow “Road Warrior”, that is someone who has spent 75% of any given month on business trips away from home, you get to see all kinds of surprising things.

In my travels, I’m regularly surprised at how some travelers seem to drop their guard and seem to leave their brains and common sense at home. If you went to a public place for dinner near your home, would you put your purse, laptop, iPad, etc. on the table and just walk away without even looking at the table to do other things? Probably not. So how does a public place like an airplane suddenly feel secure where you can leave your stuff in plain sight as you walk to the restroom?

In the following video, CBS 2 Los Angeles reporter (and friend of Tech Geek and More) Suraya Fadel looks into the rising reported cases of in-flight thefts. Suraya interviews a passenger that had jewelry, a camera and her iPad stolen by someone else on the plane she was traveling while in-flight as she used the restroom.

Source: CBS 2 Los Angeles (http://losangeles NULL.cbslocal