Samsung Galaxy S IV Announcement – Replay of Live Feed

Samsung unveiled the latest version of its flagship Galaxy Phone with the official introduction of the Samsung Galaxy 4.  A teaser picture about the event was tweeted by Samsung this week. *This is a replay of the announcement

Samsung 4 Intro

The event will start Thursday starting at 7 pm (ET). Tech Geek and More will be streaming the announcement from the Samsung feed, or for those in the New York area who would like to experience the unpacking, Samsung is inviting people to join them in Time Square. It’s not clear what Samsung has planned for those who join the unpacking in Time Square but Samsung does have a reputation for its excellent public events.

Rumors About The Samsung S IV

Like every other new gadget, there always seems to be rumors around what the new device will have prior to any public announcement, and this announcement from Samsung is no different. While Samsung has said little “official” about the new device so far, much information has come out from “insiders” about the S IV. Of course some or most of these rumors could end up being wrong but for the fun of it these are just some of what has come out so far

  • The New S IV device is expected to be running on Android 4.2
  • The device is supposed to have a 4.99 inch display with 1920 x 1080p HD resolution
  • The S IV is supposed to include a 13 megapixel rear-camera / 2MP front facing camera
  • 2GB of RAM
  • The new S IV is supposed to come with a eight-core Exynos processor with a separate eight-core GPU (For the Global Edition of the phone), while the U.S. edition will come with the quad-core Snapdragon processor.
  • Lastly, some talk about a new eye-tracking features, that is supposed to control certain functions by tracking eye movements. (Talk says that feature may not be included in the U.S. edition of the S IV)

Source: Teaser Image Via Samsung’s Twitter Account (https://twitter