New Look Coming to Facebook News Feed

This week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a new look for the social network’s News Feed. The News Feed is the main stream where Facebook users see posts from themselves, their friends and family, brands they Like, games, etc. As Julie Zhuo, Director of Design at Facebook pointed out today, with less than 40% of screen space going to content (with the rest favoring ads and user tools), it’s time to give users more of what they want: space for content and lots of it.
The makeover will carve out more space to show the billions of photos and videos that are being posted on Facebook each month. The redesign, which began rolling out Thursday, also ushers in more ways for users to control the types of posts that appear in their feeds. Zuckerberg says he wants the News Feed to become more like a digital newspaper filled with compelling information tailored for each user.

What’s changing?

Bigger Feeds

The current newsfeed section will be expanded drastically to make room for:
•    larger photos
•    more compelling image galleries
•    larger videos
•    event listings that better show which of your friends/contacts are attending
•    sponsored stories
•    downplayed Facebook ads (none were present in the presentation slides)
•    better visual representations of content shared from other social platforms (Pinterest, etc.)



Multiple Feeds

Users will have more control over how they view and sort their News Feed:
•    chronological view option which lets you see content in terms of time posted
•    better subscription features to let users follow friends, brands, music, photos, games, videos
•    no mention of if a promoted posts/brand feed will be present


Mobile/Tablet Consistency

Mobile, Desktop and Tablet interfaces will be more consistent across the user experience:
•    matching design interfaces with less variation across each device
•    better navigation panels so users don’t have to continually switch between menus and content
•    better chat window design that doesn’t “get lost” on mobile and smaller tablet devices


Replay of the Facebook Announcement

For anyone who missed the Facebook presentation, you can visit the Facebook Newsroom (https://newsroom NULL.fb to see a replay of the announcement

To Request to be One of the First

The new News Feed design will first go out in a limited website trial, starting now and will go to smartphones and tablets in the next few weeks. Facebook has posted up a dedicated page (https://www NULL.facebook about its revamped News Feed along with a way to get on the waiting list to try the new design out.

Reaction to the New News Feed Layout

In the past, any change to Facebook has been met with loud cries of “give me my old Facebook back”. I don’t believe that the New News Feed will suffer from those type of complaints.

Source: Pictures via the about NewsFeed Facebook Page (https://www NULL.facebook