Removing “Vibrant” (In Text) Ad’s in Internet Explorer

(This is a repost of story originally posted in 2010. Recently I’ve seen a spike in websites using Vibrant Ad’s. So this is a repost for those who would like to block Vibrant Ad’s)

One of the questions I keep getting asked involves “In Text ads” that appear as highlighted words on Webpages.  What you will see when browsing on various sites is that key words will be highlights and double underlined (As shown on example below), and when you place your mouse over the key word a “related” ad to the key word will appear. The question I keep getting is “How do I remove these Vibrant Ad’s”? image

I have a couple of issues with these “Vibrant ad’s”

  • the ad pops up as soon as you move your mouse over it, even if its unintentional. So you DONT get a choice if you want to see the ad or not.
  • many of those “related” ads may be related to the key word itself, but may have nothing to do with the topics on the page you are reading. As in the example below, which is a post from a tech site about the new iPhone. When my mouse goes over the “related” ad highlighted on the word leak, I get an ad for BP.


Steps to Remove Vibrant Ad’s

1 – On the top of Internet Explorer – Go to Tools –> Internet Options


2 – Once in Internet Options, click on the “Security Tab” –> Then click on Restricted Sites –> Finally click on the button that says Sites


3 – In the window that opens, enter the following site info in the box that says “Add this website to the zone”

  • *
  • *
  • *

(Note: There is a * and a . (period) before each name)


4 – You will need to refresh the webpage at this point by clicking on page refresh on the top of Internet Explorer.


That will do it. Once these changes are done, you will no longer see the Vibrant Ad’s if you are using Internet Explorer.


Notes For This Post

  • The examples used in post are bigger than normal so that they are easier to see. 
  •  I acknowledge that sites that use “Vibrant” (In Text) ad’s do so as a revenue stream so that they can offer viewers services for cheap or free, while making money from the ads. Everyone should be able to make money, however, my issue is the intrusiveness of the ad’s.
  • Tech Geek and More does NOT use any form of “Vibrant” (In Text) ad’s. If anyone ever comes across any form of Vibrant (In Text) ad’s on the TGM site, please notify us immediately (Include a link to the page you saw the ad).  (SOAPBOX) Even though we are always looking for ways to help with the cost of running Tech Geek and More, I have always felt that Vibrant (In place) ad’s ruin the browsing experience and as such we will NOT use those types of ads on the site. (END SOAPBOX)
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