Radio Shack Deal on Samsung Galaxy SIII for Sprint (Updated 11/20/12)

**This post updated 11/20/12

For those interested in getting the Samsung Galaxy SIII on Sprint, you may want to check out the deal with Radio Shack (http://radioshackwireless NULL.aspx?pageid=11254&r=radioshack&refcode1=RSK_1119_002_HPCSPRGSIIIFA). Radio Shack is offering a $50 Google Play Store gift card with Samsung Galaxy S3.

radio shack sprint deal

The deal from Radio Shack is for online purchases only, gives you the Galaxy SIII for $49.99 if you are a new subscriber or $99.99 for already with Sprint but looking to upgrade. If you add the value of the Google Play Store gift card, the Samsung Galaxy SIII which is currently considered the best phone out there by many (including Tech Geek and More), comes out to be free (for new subscribers) and $50 for those upgrading.

***A side note about the offer, Radio Shack show a red banner that on the top that says “$36 Activation Credit From Sprint”, however, if you click on the “Learn More” on the right side of the banner, the fine print that comes up says that the activation offer is for July 23rd to 26th. A message has been sent to Radio Shack to try to clarify this part of the ad. As of now, assume that you will have to pay the activation fee.  We will update this post, once we get a response from Radio Shack.

Sprint RS question


Update 11/20: The following message was received from Radio Shack concerning the $36 activation fee wave

So it seems that the activation credit is still active (even if the Learn More page doesn’t say that). That on top of the $50 Google Play Store gift card makes this a REALLY good deal.