uNu Electronics Protective Battery Case for iPhone 4/4S deal on Woot

For those using iPhone 4/4S device, one of the limitations they face involve the non-removable battery. If you are a heavy iPhone phone user, the charge time could cause problems, especially if you are not near an electrical outlet. So for those who need to make their iPhone charge last longer, todays Woot Deal of the Day (http://www NULL.woot NULL.com/offers/unu-iphone-4-4s-battery-case-14?utm_source=Daily+Digest&utm_campaign=221aab9c56-Daily+Digest+-+20121111+-+Woot&utm_medium=email#tracked) is something you may want to look at.

It’s stylish and keeps your iPhone running longer. This uNu isn’t just another iPhone 4/4s case; it’s an iPhone 4/4s BATTERY case! That means it doesn’t just look cool and protect your iPhone; it keeps it charged longer too. Now, with a whole extra battery in there, you’d think this thing would be clunky, but it’s not. It’s ultra-slim and sleek.

And the best part: this thing’s cheap. That’s right; it gives you 5 hours of talking and browsing time (7 hours of video; 28 hours of music) and it comes in under 30 bucks WITH shipping! High quality AND low-cost? Sounds like someone gave uNu the resources they needed to really perfect their product!


  • uNu battery case is designed to virtually double the usage time on your iPhone while still protecting it from hazards
  • Compatible with all versions of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
  • Built-in Battery + Protective Case + Signal Problem Fix
  • Invisible charging switch, simply touch for 2 seconds to toggle on or off
  • Slim form factor and anti-slippery finish
  • Apple Certified 30-Pin Connector
  • Smart Switch, gain more control over charging to enhance safety
  • Accurate LED power indicator, flashing when battery runs low
  • Included micro USB cable can fully support charging and computer synchronization with the case installed on your iPhone

Warranty: 1 Year uNu Electronics