Solution for “This is no longer located in” error when trying to delete

windows_xp_logo I ran across a strange error this week when attempting to delete a folder from my Windows 7 pc. I kept getting an error message that said “Could not find this item” and “This is no longer located in ……”


No matter how I tried to remove the file, I would end up with the same error.

The solution I found involves a Windows Tool called (LINK) DelinvFile (http://www NULL.purgeie Once you download and install the program (which is designed for use with Windows Vista and Windows 7) and launch it, you will get a window that allows you to browse all the files on your pc.


**NOTE (IMPORTANT) This program allows you to remove any file from the computer, that includes files that are required for Windows to properly operate. DO NOT remove any files or folders unless you are sure that what you are removing will NOT affect windows.

With the warning above kept in mind,. just browse to the location of the file or folder that you are trying to remove, highlight the item, and select the Delete File or Folder button. You will be reminded that once the file or folder is gone, that it can’t be restored.  If you are sure, then remove the file.

The program is a fully functional trial. It allows for “3 actions / 15 days” of use.


And that’s how you fix a file or folder that can’t be removed.