Android – How to keep phone from “sleeping” (timing out) when plugged in

android  All cell phones have a “timeout” feature that is in place mainly as a battery saving measure.  After a specific amount of time, your phone just “goes to sleep”.  When I’m using the battery I don’t mind this feature, but there are times when having the phone timeout is not what I want to happen.

     Using the phone as a GPS in the car or Streaming Video while traveling (I take a lot of airplane flights) are just 2 of the many reasons when the timeout setting could become annoying.  In both cases (among many others), I would have my phone plugged in via the car charger or airplane charger (having power at the airplane seat is the best invention EVER!).

The normal timeout setting (that everyone seems to know about) can be found in Android –> Under settings –> Display


On the display screen you will see –> Screen timeout. Usually this setting is set to between 1 and 5 minutes or off if you just don’t ever want to have your screen turn off.


So the question is “How can I keep my phone from timing out without having the change this setting over and over”?

The answer is actually simple, if you know where to look. (And here is the answer)

In Android –> Go to settings –> (Scroll down to) Applications > (Click on) development –> (And finally) check the box that says ‘stay awake’


Once you do that, this setting will override whatever is in the timeout setting, whenever your phone is plugged in.