Cell Phone: For those looking to get out of your Sprint contract without paying Early Termination (ETF) Fee

sprintlogo  I’ll start this post by saying that I’m a long time satisfied Sprint customer.  I’m not currently looking to leave Sprint to go to another carrier. Sprint is currently the only U.S. Cell carrier with true unlimited data, going to Verizon or AT&T will get you Data Caps and T-Mobile will get you Data Throttling.

With that being said, someone out there may want to get out of their contract because they are in an area without good Sprint reception, or maybe to get out of individual contracts just to get on a family plan, or a number of other reasons. For whatever your reason is (and the iPhone shouldn’t be one as its expected that Sprint will be offering the iPhone 5), you now have a chance to get out of your contract without having to pay the early termination fee.

How do you get out of your contract, you ask, well the reason is on your latest bill. Sprint has announced a change to the “Terms & Conditions” of your Sprint account. The following was on your latest Sprint bill

Terms & Conditions Changes for Consumers

Effective 9/9/11, the Administrative Charge will increase to $1.50 per line for customers that receive the charge. For details, visit sprint.com/taxesandfees. In addition, the Sprint consumer Terms (Ts&Cs) are changing. Please review them carefully at your local Sprint store or sprint.com/termsandconditions.

     Here is why this change is important to those who want to get out of their Sprint contract. In a different section of the Sprint Terms and Conditions…
(LINK: http://shop2.sprint.com/en/legal/…conditions (http://shop2 NULL.sprint NULL.com/en/legal/ NULL. NULL. NULL.conditions))

When You Don’t Have To Pay An Early Termination Fee
You aren’t responsible for paying an Early Termination Fee when terminating Services: (a) provided on a month-to-month basis; (b) consistent with our published trial period return policy; or (c) in response to a materially adverse change we make to the Agreement as described directly below.
Our Right To Change The Agreement & Your Related Rights
We may change any part of the Agreement at any time, including, but not limited to, rates, charges, how we calculate charges, or your terms of Service. We will provide you notice of material changes—and may provide you notice of non-material changes—in a manner consistent with this Agreement (see “Providing Notice To Each Other Under The Agreement” section). If a change we make to the Agreement is material and has a material adverse effect on Services under your Term Commitment, you may terminate each line of Service materially affected without incurring an Early Termination Fee only if you: (a) call us within 30 days after the effective date of the change; and (b) specifically advise us that you wish to cancel Services because of a material change to the Agreement that we have made. If you do not cancel Service within 30 days of the change, an Early Termination Fee will apply if you terminate Services before the end of any applicable Term Commitment.

So now you’re wondering “what do I need to do to get out of my contract”. Here are the steps required

– You need to call Sprint (by calling 888-211-4727 or *2 from your HTC EVO,  and select options 4, 5, 2). Online chat will NOT work for this.

– Once you speak to Sprint you MUST cite this specific fee increase (to $1.50) as the reason you wish to exit your contract

– If you get a Sprint Rep. that is uninformed, ask to speak to someone in retentions. The Retentions department are the ones with the most power and knowledge.

– This process must be done before September 30, 2011.

Even if you don’t want to leave Sprint, this may just be the excuse you need to speak to the Retentions Department at Sprint and see if you can negotiate a better deal with Sprint.

Information for this post comes from

John @ (Good and Evo) (http://www NULL.goodandevo NULL.net/2011/08/get-out-of-your-htc-evo-contract-etf-free NULL.html#more)  and  Scott @ (Slick Deals) (http://slickdeals NULL.net/forums/showthread NULL.php?t=3212758) 


  • MDNo Gravatar

    How do you find out if you receive the Admin. charge? It sounds as if it will only work if that directly affects you. I don’t have a smart phone but I do have terrible reception with Sprint and want to switch. Can I get out?

    • anoveloNo Gravatar

      The charge in question is not a smart phone charge. It is an “Administrative charge” that from what I understand, all users (Smart phone or not) pay. So yes, I dont see why you couldnt use this to get out of your contract. As I said in the notes, if the front line sprint support person doesnt seem to be helpful, make sure you ask for customer retention. The customer retention department has the “power” / Konowledge to get things done.

  • IraNo Gravatar

    Yes, you will be able to cancel however you can’t do it just yet! There are two changes happening. The first doesn’t affect everyone, only the smart phones. But the other affects everyone. But you MUST wait until it shows up on your bill first. If you call in now they will tell you that there isn’t any new charges on your bill. This is because it doesn’t START until Sep. 9 2011. So it will not show up until your next bill.

    So when you receive your next bill, look at the Administrative Charges and compare them with the previous bill. Once you see the change contact the retention department. Be warned! They will lie to you and say they cant let you out without paying the ETF but you can as stated above. You’ll need to stand strong and keep on point. And make sure you explain why you’re canceling and have them confirm the etf will be waived. If you don’t ask they wont give it to you. Good luck

  • just lil ole meNo Gravatar

    I just tried…didn’t work. tried twice. I guess too many people called. I did report them to BBB.

    They said that the administration fee doesn’t apply and that they have the right to change it. Now I am more determined to cancel them.

  • CarlNo Gravatar

    Yes I tried also, they said that when I traded in my phone that didn’t work I signed a new term and agreement and in that (which we will see) that I agreed that they can raise it to $1.99 I don’t care if they do charge me the ETF screw them I won’t pay it.

    • anoveloNo Gravatar

      I would call back and ask directly for the customer retention department. Ive been told that a few people took 2 or 3 calls just to hit the right person who knew what they were doing.

  • CarlNo Gravatar

    Ok on there again went and wasted an hour for them to tell me there is NO other agreement then the one I signed and if I wanted a copy of that I would have to go to best buy since that is where I signed up for the phone.

  • CarlNo Gravatar

    Sorry when I said I was “on there again ” I meant I was on the phone with sprint again, I will keep you guys posted.

  • IraNo Gravatar


    I have been getting the run around since Sept. 9. They told me then that if I was actually impacted and I would be able to cancel with etf’s. However, this is not the case, when they called back (after the chat) I got passed around by four different reps. I have been told several stories on why they can’t do it. The newest one is the 1.99 increase per line clause. When they called me today they actually said that they can charge me up to 1.99 for each line for each month until my contract expires!!!! I was floored. They will not allow you to record the conversation either.
    I did file a claim with the BBB, FCC and the TN State Attorney General’s Office today, I strongly suggest everyone do the same. This is a matter of principle! They must accept their own Terms and Conditions. Do not allow any company to lie and mistreat you. Sprint does not allow us as consumers to file class action law suits but there’s power in numbers. Complain to everyone! Tell ALL your friends, blog about it, and post on facebook. The more attention we bring to the issue the more impact we will have. I will also be contacting my local news channels.
    Don’t take this lying down, if you do, you deserve what you get!

    • anoveloNo Gravatar

      Even though I have not had that experience with Sprint. It is unacceptable if they keep giving you the different explainations to the same issue. I will be conacting Sprint and pass on the issues Ive been told and try and get an answer.

  • Will SchaderNo Gravatar

    I’m new to this concept (getting out of the Sprint contract without an ETF) but what if I am the one who provided the equipment? In other words, I didn’t get into a contract and accept a free or price-reduced phone, I brought my own. They have no material interest that they need to cover. Am I hallucinating this?

  • JulieNo Gravatar

    So what happens if I never got anything about this change in contract? I’m having so many issues with our service and phones. My husband has limited service, kids phone repeatedly drop calls, phones shut off at will, freeze, get constant interferance.

    We were just told by customer service that cell service is not guranteed by Sprint! Um, then what am I paying for every month? What am I supposed to do now?

    • AlexNo Gravatar

      I have been with sprint since the late 90’s. Here is one thing I’ve learned. If you are NOT having your issue resolved, you ask for the “Customer Retension Department”. When you call each time, note the time, date, and get a name (and badge number/id)….and dont call once in a while. Call everyday or every other day. Having the ability of saying ive called 8 times or 10 times (etc) on (Insert dates and times) and spoke to (Insert names / id’s) will get you far. In addition, mentioning to Sprint that you have no problem going on the web and informing “the world” about how your needs are not being met by sprint will get you attention and resolution. They do NOT want bad attention made public. The people who call once dont concern them, the ones who rock the cage over and over do.

      Good Luck.

      Keep us informed.