Software: Unix/Linux Command Cheat Sheet

linux  I ran across the following Unix/Linux cheat sheet at the site.  For anyone who just likes to keep a cheat sheet handy, here is a very good one with Unix / Linux commands.

 fwunixrefshot.png (http://files NULL.fosswire NULL.pdf)

Click the image above to download a full PDF. Print it out, stick it on your wall, and pass it on. It’s licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (http://creativecommons NULL.0/) license, so feel free do distribute and modify it, even for commercial use! Just keep the FOSSwire credit on the page.

Translations are already available, so if you have your own translation you would like to share, post it in the comments and we’ll add it here!

  • Russian (http://ulmencave NULL.blogspot NULL.html)
  • Spanish (http://kernelsource
  • Simplified Chinese (http://linuxtoy NULL.html)
  • Traditional Chinese (http://kkbruce NULL.blogspot NULL.html)
  • Japanese (http://www NULL.yotabanana
  • Bulgarian (http://stanislav
  • Italian: (PDF) (http://files NULL.fosswire NULL.pdf) (ODT) (http://files NULL.fosswire NULL.odt) (credit) (http://www NULL.falappa
  • Greek (http://elkosmas
  • French: (PDF) (http://files NULL.fosswire NULL.pdf) (ODT) (http://files NULL.fosswire NULL.odt) (translated by Jean Peyratout, Scideralle (http://scideralle