Facebook: Facebook Connections becoming a reality. Like it or not!

facebook Two days ago, TGM listed “The 6 things you need to know about Facebook Connect” (LINK: http://www.techgeekandmore.com/2010/05/10/facebook-connections-eff-electronic-frontier-foundation-privacy-changes-six-things-to-know/), which is based on information provided by the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation).

Well it seems that Facebook is now rolling out Connect, as seen by the screenshots below. (Disclaimer: These are screenshots I took, not from someone else). After looking at the windows and the choices (or lack there of) that Facebook gives, connections leaves a lot to be desired.

When I 1st signed on the following Window appeared over my normal Facebook page. On the top of the Window it talks about “…improved the profile….” then the next line says “your pages are public”. One of the things to note about this window is that you only get to choose “Link All to My Profile” (Which means your open to having anything you do made public, if I understand it right) or “Choose Individually” (Which ONLY gives you a choice of what picking pages), nowhere do you see an opt out or no thanks.


As i don’t like to just allow changes without seeing what is being changed, I selected “Choose Individually” and this is the next window that I get.  For starters in this window, note that the only options I get are “Save Changes” or “Logout”, so it seems that Facebook will force you to make the selection, if you want to or not.

In addition, if you carefully read the section under “Confirm the Pages that will be on your profile”, you will see

  • Linking to education and work, pages may also create additional pages, such as for your major or job title.

*****Note that it says may create, NOT you can create.  That says to me things done for me, about me, that I have no control over.  That says to me SCARRY!

  • If you don’t link to any pages, these sections on your profile will be empty.

*****So you either accept the way Facebook wants to make your life public or you our out of luck.

  • By linking your profile to pages, you will be making these connections public.

*****I’ll give Facebook this much, they aren’t trying to cover up the fact that they want your life to be shared with everyone in the world (Not just your friends on Facebook, or just other Facebook member), remember that Facebook is now searchable from search engines.


At the end of the Confirm section in the window above there is a “Learn More”.  Here is what you get when you click on “Learn More”. There is 1 line here that I think is of interest, (Lower Right side) “To help you link to actual pages, we’ve matched info you’ve entered on your profile to Pages about those topics”.  So lets review to critical things (In my view)

  1. Facebook has matched information I entered into my profile (that when entered was probably meant as information for my select friends alone!) and added me to pages because of this info.
  2. (From Above) By linking your profile to pages, you will be making these connections public.

(**Keeping in mind the short attention span these days, many people will NOT put 2 and 2 together here, again my opinion)


And lastly, in the selection window I unchecked everything in that window, then hit the save changes button.  What I got was the following Window. “If you don’t link to any Pages, the following sections of your profile will be empty


So now, even if I wanted to privately list for friends and family where I work or what city I’m in or my likes, I CAN’T, because Facebook now says you need to share with the entire class (world) or nothing at all.

This post is not intended to be anything more than information. Each person that uses Facebook needs to choose if they are comfortable with the requirements and with their information being made public. For those who think “no big deal” then this will just be another day in the life of Facebook. For those who have concerns then you need to figure out if the benefits of Facebook are worth the exposure.  All this post is, an attempt to try and keep the TGM better informed.