Troubleshooting: Sony Cybershot DSC-S40 white screen


This one comes courtesy of my mother.  She has a Sony Cybershot and while visiting she told me that her camera wasn’t working that when she turned it on, it would make all the noises that it is supposed to but that the display screen was white and would not show anything.  The camera which is just over a yr old (figures just after the warranty ends), has had the issue for a couple of weeks.

I did some research and discovered that the Sony camera’s have an issue where something on the inside of the camera can rub against the cable that connects to the display and that will cause a short.  I also discovered that the cable for the display runs across the bottom of the unit under where the screen is.


After playing with it a little I discovered that if you apply  a little pressure on the right bottom corner of the screen that will move the cable and fix the short and get the screen working again.