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Info On “Unable To Verify Update” Error On iOS 9.3 Update

After releasing the iOS 9.3 update, Apple started receiving reports of issues with the update on older devices. The issue was with the password activation that is required at the end of the update, where some customers were reporting their device not accepting the Apple ID info. Apple received enough reports of the issue that they decided to pull the update for older devices. Here are some of details concerning the error message, what does it mean, and what you can do.


WhatsApp Ending Support For Some Phones

WhatsApp Ending Support For Some Phones. If you own an older smart phone, and are a user of the app WhatsApp, you may need to either upgrade your phone or look for a replacement app by the end of the year.

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Deal – Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership $44.99

For those looking for a deal on an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership, Groupon has a deal for you. Usually a 12 month Gold Membership costs $59.99, but with Groupon you will find the membership for $44.99 (That’s a $15 savings).


How To Stop Phone Use At The Table (via IKEA)

IKEA in Taiwan has developed a table that has a hot plate in the middle, to make the hot plate work people have to put their cell phones under it. Great way to get people to talk to each other and off their phones.


Do NOT Fall For Fake Pop Up Messages – Fake Tech Support

The fake pop up message telling you something is wrong with your pc is not a new scam, but I have seen a raise in calls reporting such a message in recent weeks. Let’s review some of the key details of the message and what you need to do if you come across such a situation.