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Microsoft Releases Out Of Band Critical Update

Patch Tuesday (a.k.a. Update Tuesday) is the unofficial term used to refer to when Microsoft regularly releases security patches for its software products. Today Microsoft released what is known as an out of band critical patch to remove an exploit in Windows that could allow remote code execution. Here is what you need to know.


Live – The Microsoft E3 Keynote

The Microsoft E3 Keynote. This morning Microsoft will presenting their E3 Keynote address. Watch it live here. A number of announcements for both Xbox and PC gaming are expected. Starting at 9:30a (West Coast USA)


Windows 10 Notification In Win 7 / Win 8

Microsoft has officially announced Windows 10 available on July 29th. Some may have also received a message on your pc screen. Here is what it means and also steps on removing the message from your pc if you do not intend to upgrade to Windows 10.